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Life Size Broken Rug Backed Rug  Head In Rug 
Whitetail Deer    $400.00 $ POR     $125.00           $200.00 $300.00
Coyote   $275.00* $400.00**  $75.00  $200.00 $275.00*
Fox   $250.00 $400.00**  $75.00  $150.00 $275.00*
Mt. Goat/Ram   $450.00 $ POR      
Bobcat   $250.00* $400.00* $75.00 $150.00 $275.00*
Boar   $450.00        
Elk   $675.00 $ POR      
Racoon   $225.00 $400.00      
Squirrel   $150.00***        
Turkey     $850.00 ***      

Turkey Fan and Beard                            $125.00

Turkey Fan, wings, beard and feet           $250.00

Horn Stain                                            $20.00/50 inches
Horn Repair                                          $25.00/per point
*Open Mouth Add $125.00 as a rule of thumb on most animals
** Habitat price not included
*** Habitat Price Included

$100.00 minimum Deposit required on all mounts.



Shoulder Mount includes mount without habitat or plaque

Life Size Mount includes mount only no habitat

Broken Rug is a hide that has been tanned, oiled, dried and broken. Will be soft and pliable with no backing on skin side

Backed Rug will be a hide without a head on it fully backed with felt and batting

Head In Rug Will be a hide with a rugshell head in it fully backed with felt and batting

* All prices are for closed mouth mounts


Mounts Left unpaid for 30 days unpaid will be sold for the remaining balance


Ask about our custom habitats

Freshwater fish    $10.00/inch driftwood habitat included

Saltwater Fish      $12.00/inch

$100.00 deposit required on all fish mounts



Fiberglass replicas also avaliable starting at $250.00 and up

50% deposit required on all replicas

European Mounts Includes Defleshing with Dermistide Beetles

Bleached White No Plaque    $50.00

Bleached Cedar Slab           $75.00

Bleached on Plaque             $95.00

Bleached on Pedestal           $125.00

Antler Mount on Plaque         $75.00

At Still Life Taxidermy & Tannery, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our customer experience. If you do not see a price for what you are looking for give us a call we would be glad to help you.